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Por el mar

Whilst traveling the coast of Colombia, I was confronted by a variety of fresh delicious seafood. Dining in Capurgana, Colombia consists of mostly small locally run restaurants serving up fresh fish, crustaceans and other local sea delicacies. Caught within a stones throw from the harbor, and prepared with home made recipes, you can expect to eat fish caught only a few hours ago. As well as the exotic tastes and smells, the array of colors and tropical ingredients were too big an opportunity to miss and being a food photographer I wanted to record what I could with my camera.

Most of the ingredients photographed are seasonal produce governed by what ever catch the fishermen happened to reel in that day. The locals make use of this seasonal produce in a variety of dishes and drinks and you can expect to encounter new and unique recipes by chefs in each restaurant. This is local and slow food movement at it’s best.